Dr. Scott Spaulding, president of Mixed Animal Veterinary Associates North America (MAVANA) and CEO of Badger Veterinary Hospital in Wisconsin, was interviewed by the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association (JAVMA) recently about the corporate consolidation trend in the veterinary industry:

“I think practicing veterinarians need to have the ability to make decisions and not be constrained by a heavy-handed corporate structure, but I also see great value in practices developing standards of care,’ [Dr. Scott Spaulding] said. …

“[Veterinary medicine] is a capital-intensive business. We have to have facilities and a large enough staff. We also invest heavily in surgical facilities and the latest diagnostic technologies. With $9.1 billion coming into the veterinary industry, I think that is definitely needed by veterinary medicine and that it will have a tremendous long-term impact.”

Read the full article from JAVMA News and the March 1, 2017 issue of JAVMA — Veterinarians Incorporated